Double page spread from the January 18th Evening Standard newspaper…

(click on image to enlarge)

I never knew this was in as the Standard is not my regular read- but thanks alot to Ruth for sending it in.
If you spot my work printed anywhere please let me know- your thoughtfulness will be rewarded.

Darlene Dunny

So this is part 2 in my ‘Darlene as Toy’ series.

New Tattoo

So i thought i’d share my new tattoo.
It is a memorial piece to my cousin Becky- who passed away a year ago this week.

I got this done on her birthday towards the end of last year.

The work is by my friend and amazing tattoo artist Nikole Lowe.

Video clips

Here is a nice clip a friend of mine shot when i painted the shoreditch wholecar:

And this is a short video project i did last year that has been on my myspace for ages but i never put it on here:

New month new calendar page…

What have me and 50 cent in common??

Apart from the muscles, cars and money- we both got featured in the latest DUB magazine-

(click to enlarge)

DUB: Why are hot chicks in sneakers so erotic?
INSA:”…it’s kind of the opposite of why a chick looks so hot in heels. Heels have always been attractive because the woman wearing them is restricting herself in a submissive way, putting herself in discomfort to enhance her sexual attractiveness. Well, sneakers are the reverse: they are empowering, comfortable and active, so i think it’s to do with the strength and independence a chick shows wearing sneakers…”

Happy New Year!

YAY 2008!!

Happy January- i will be putting up a calendar page at the beginning of every month.


Last week i had the pleasure of doing a wholecar in the sky…

Not your average top to bottom-
click on the image for bigger image…

Thanks to Jim for the invitation to rock this great spot

Acclaim Magazine

Cool Australian mag ACCLAIM recentley did a nice little feature on the Bentley- have a look:


If your interested in reading a little interview with me, one is online now over at Freshness Mag.