New Exhibition

Next week is the opening of my latest exhibition up in Glasgow:-

Recoat gallery is proud to present new works by INSA:

14th Feb -Pre private view special time.
15th Feb -Opening night- 7 till 10pm

RECOAT GALLERY- 323 North Woodside Road, Glasgow, G20 6ND- 0141 341 00 49

I am showing a group of new paintings and PVC prints, i will also be doing a large painting in the space.
Also there is an exclusive ‘BUY MY LOVE’ t-shirt- the first 20 people through the door will get one for free!!!

As i am aware many of you won’t be in glasgow so i will be sure to post photos of the work and opening as soon as i can.
If you can’t make it but are interested in what new work will be available please contact me or the gallery.


Double page spread from the January 18th Evening Standard newspaper…

(click on image to enlarge)

I never knew this was in as the Standard is not my regular read- but thanks alot to Ruth for sending it in.
If you spot my work printed anywhere please let me know- your thoughtfulness will be rewarded.

Darlene Dunny

So this is part 2 in my ‘Darlene as Toy’ series.

New Tattoo

So i thought i’d share my new tattoo.
It is a memorial piece to my cousin Becky- who passed away a year ago this week.

I got this done on her birthday towards the end of last year.

The work is by my friend and amazing tattoo artist Nikole Lowe.

Video clips

Here is a nice clip a friend of mine shot when i painted the shoreditch wholecar:

And this is a short video project i did last year that has been on my myspace for ages but i never put it on here:

New month new calendar page…

What have me and 50 cent in common??

Apart from the muscles, cars and money- we both got featured in the latest DUB magazine-

(click to enlarge)

DUB: Why are hot chicks in sneakers so erotic?
INSA:”…it’s kind of the opposite of why a chick looks so hot in heels. Heels have always been attractive because the woman wearing them is restricting herself in a submissive way, putting herself in discomfort to enhance her sexual attractiveness. Well, sneakers are the reverse: they are empowering, comfortable and active, so i think it’s to do with the strength and independence a chick shows wearing sneakers…”

Happy New Year!

YAY 2008!!

Happy January- i will be putting up a calendar page at the beginning of every month.


Last week i had the pleasure of doing a wholecar in the sky…

Not your average top to bottom-
click on the image for bigger image…

Thanks to Jim for the invitation to rock this great spot

Acclaim Magazine

Cool Australian mag ACCLAIM recentley did a nice little feature on the Bentley- have a look: