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Triple Badass- Rainbow Life

Shot on location at a wall i painted in Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia.

A special preview of the new INSA LEGGINGS colourway coming soon!!!!

As you can see this new drop will include crop tops and leotards!!!
What What!!

All inquires contact:

INSA Rainbow Melbourne1-low

INSA Rainbow Melbourne3-low

INSA Rainbow Melbourne4-low

INSA Rainbow Melbourne2-low

Thanks a lot to Mia @ Acclaim Magazine for making this shoot happen, and thanks to:
Nic Gossage (Photographer) –, and PJ Smith (Edits) @runyourjewels
And Models:
Kate @katelandragon
Juanita @juanita613
Mo @moslo

Yacht Life!

40oz High Life Yacht Life


‘Living The Dream’ – San Fransisco Bay 2013


Photos by: Birdman

INSA x DABS & MYLA for Carbon Festival

While i was Melbourne i got to collaborate with the amazing DABS & MYLA!!

The wall we painted was on Melbourne Central (the main shopping mall in the center of town) it was for CARBON 2013 an awesome event put on by Acclaim magazine. The event is forum of talks and panel discussions by leading figures in ’street’ culture. This years line up included talks from legends: Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant, Shawn Stussy and Barry McGee.

Not being one for public speaking i thought it best just to do some painting ;)



dabsmyla3 dabsmyla4






A whole lot of happy sausages!


And you can see a video clip of the painting in process here:

INSA x EVISU Shanghai

Back in March i was in Shanghai to paint at Evisu’s Spring/Summer launch party.


As well as the large wall piece i help produce a very special 1 of 1 denim motor cycle helmet:

This helmet was presented at the party as a gift for Edison Chen (Hong Kong movie star and founder of CLOT).


Edison is Evisu’s current brand ambassador in Asia and is responsible for the recent very nice EVISU x CLOT jeans:


Watch this space for an exciting future release……………………………….

Ride N Style

Last week was REDBULL’s awesome ‘Ride N Style’ event in San Fransisco.

REDBULL built an amazing ramp set up and the week prior to the event invited Me, Sam Flores, Tristan Eaton and RISK out to paint the ramps for the fixed gear riders of SF to compete on! I was psyched to be working alongside these great artists, especially collaborating with RISK as he lay down his beautiful destruction candy lacquer for us to work over the top. The metal flake really sparkled under the SF sun on race day!!

Josh Boothby busts a backflip.
Addison Zawada also flipping iver the INSA x RISK box ramp.

Watch a video about the ramp production:

And watch a video from the day:

Thanks to REDBULL and all involved in making a awesome week in SF!

Australian Print Release

Released TODAY!

Melbourne based print house Danger Fork have produce this awesome big, bright, beautiful print:


-4 colour silk screen print with a gloss finish

-Italian made Rosapina 220gsm white archival paper

-1000mm x 700mm

-Signed and numbered

-Only $220AUD

insa closeup3 insa closeup2

Available HERE now!


Available HERE now!

Mellow Yellow

Bondi Beach – Sydney, Australia.


The now SOLD OUT -Hype Yellow leggings worn so well here by the pure gangsta Miss Elle V x

Photography by Will Horner

Do One Thing Well….


I was recently in Amsterdam to work on one of my most challenging GIF-ITI pieces yet! And it is an awesome project for Ketel One vodka, one of my drinks of choice!

Ketel One has been made in the same way by the same family for 10 generations and it is done well – as good as it can be. So for their new campaign they are celebrating the skill and craft and the idea of doing it well!

I was honored to be chosen as an example of doing it well: read the PR blurb below:

‘The world is full of people wanting to make their mark, but the ones who really stand out are the ones
who find what they love and do it as well as they possibly can. Inspired by Ketel One’s own dedicated
approach and passion to create the world’s leading high-quality crafted vodka, Do One Thing Well
celebrates the passion and skill required to achieve success in a discipline. Like Ketel One, INSA has
a bold vision and reputation for not doing things by the book. Always keen to push boundaries and take
himself further, INSA is the perfect embodiment of ‘Do One Thing Well’.


So a week of long days and longer nights hard painting by Roest in Amsterdam result in this:

A nod to a retro hand painted outdoor advertising but with the modern magic of GIF…..

Enjoy Responsibly!

INSA x Rone: Melbourne Gif-iti

So i could try and explain the effort entailed in painting a transparent blinking face over a moving cube spiral vortex, but then maybe its better just to let you enjoy the magic….


Melbourne GIF-ITI collaboration with the awesome RONE