The Aerosolics festival just happened this weekend and it was a great show of painting goodness by many great artists…
I got to paint this VW…


ATM mag

My work is featured in this months ATM magazine….

Brighton Sleeping Giants

Had a great weekend at the Brighton graffiti jam this weekend.
Well done to Paul and all for organising the best jam our small island has ever seen…

This piece is dedicated to Noah the newest member of the BEST EC1R crew!

Astek Show

One of my early graff mentors and good friend ASTEK is having his first solo show @ BEST next week, If your in town you should definitely check it out…
The image above is one of the canvases from the show!!


A new boutique is open in Brighton, UK.
Narcist- 39B Sydney St.

Look i painted there changing room…

They have lots of swanky goods for sale including a pair of the limted INSA Kickers.

White Gold

My souvenir from Fulton Indoor market, Brooklyn.

Indian National Shipowners Association

After the barcelona security systems i thought i’d see what other INSAs exsist.
Here are some of the best logos i have ever seen…

INSA vs Kid Robot

This is a custom 20″ DUNNY done for the good folk at Kid Robot New York.

Black on Black to match the Lincoln with sterling silver chain.

Barcelona Security

Keeping you safe and sound….