Be excited! I’m showing the project in London! Not only that i have collaborated with MILLTAG to produce a SUPER limited edition set of bike jerseys (we are talking only 3 of each colourway) to go with the photos. They will be made available at the show!!


So if you’re in London on the 10th November come down to 18 hewett st- show some love, have a beer and grab a fish taco!
I have also produce a beautiful postcard book of all the 12 images from the project that will be available at the show and on this site from the 10th!



Recent Canvas Painting

As my current exhibition is coming to an end i thought i’d show you a closer look at some of the paintings in the show.

I have been exploring transparency…….



Spray paint on perspex- 100cm x 75cm

6-low 1-low

“Exploring Heel Fetishism in Multiples on a Diagonal”

Spray paint and maker on perspex- 100cm x 75cm


Spray paint on perspex- 100cm x 75cm


‘Gazing into the Golden Sphincter.’

Spray paint and Gold foil on perspex- 100cm x 75cm

2-low 4-low


Spray paint on perspex- 100cm x 75cm

‘Multiplication Isn’t Adding Up’

Spray paint on perspex- 100cm x 75cm

Luardos Custom Painted H Van

If you know your street food and you live in London you should know of Luardos! Best Burritos in town for sure!!!

You may remember a while back i designed there first Citroen H van and a matching pair of heels.

Well now they have a second van and i just got finished with the custom paint job on this ‘Dia de los Muertos’ pink beauty!!!!




Mary-4-Front Mary-5-Back

A look at some of the details:

MaryDetail-2 Detail-4

Detail-5 MaryDetail-1

Detail-6 MaryDetail-3

If you see ‘MARY’ rolling make sure to sample her delights!!

HASSELT street art festival

I was recently invited out to the lovely town of Hasslet in Belgium to paint this rather large wall in the center of town:


Insa Insa


(above photo from: all others by me or Jurriaan Persyn )

It was for there Street Art festival and was a great weekend!!

Thanks to Kurt and Tiny’s organization i got chill, paint and hang out with a bunch of cool artists!

ARYZ Bue-Billy

Here are a couple of the other walls that got painted by ARYZ and by BUE,BILLY, PEST & OLI B

To see all the info and walls from the event GO HERE


It started at the beginning of the year in LA and ended last month in Hong Kong. I am very happy to show you the finished set of 12 ‘Girls On Bikes’!


‘Girls On Bikes”

An Explanation:

“An ongoing public installation project.

Working with volunteer models, bikes (INSA’s current preferred icon of commodified culture), and large scale painted walls INSA creates momentary installations in public spaces.

In this set of photographic works the viewer is instantly confronted with a series of subjects fighting for attention. INSA orchestrates a conflicting dialogue between all the elements and explicitly subordinates the value of his own street art to both the possessed object of the bike and the overtly sexualized female presence. Thus questioning our individual perceptions of the ownership of public space, of sexuality and of belonging(s). And by using the colour spectrum as a simple narrative INSA unifies this series of walls that were painted across the globe.”

1. Vicki -London
2. Sofie -London
3. Layla -London
4. Natalie -San Fransisco
5. Jay -London
6. Mary -Ghent
7. Alycia -London
8. Scarlet -London
9. Emily -London
10. Arabella -London
11. Kristina -Los Angeles
12. Naomi -Hong Kong

I must give huge thanks to all the ladies listed above and everyone else involved along the way!! Especially the photographers: Tomographer, Emma Slater, Annabel Staff, Jack Muramatsu and Ken Bong!


Walls of Hong Kong part2

Hot, humid and over crowed, not quite perfect painting conditions but then that’s never stopped me:



Outside gallery, Sai Ying Pun.



Oldest street in HK right in Central.


Shutters in Sai Ying Pun, painted with XEME


Got sent a link to this very nicely shot skate video in LA- best part is it features one of my walls at the end-

Cheers Justin for the link!

“Exploring Heel Fetishism in Multiples on a Diagonal”

ABOVE SECOND produced two prints from two of my new paintings in the show:


“Exploring Heel Fetishism in Multiples on a Diagonal”

50cm x 35cm
Edition of 25


50cm x 35cm
Edition of 25

I believe there are only a few of these left, so to purchase these or esquire about available works from the exhibition please contact May at Above Second HERE

Hong Kong Walls Part 1

While in HK i met up with local writer XEME and we got busy claiming day time spots right in the center of town! I was really pleased to collaborate with him as i love graffiti painters using there own language and his take on traditional Cantonese script is fresh! Also while out there i learned more about an OG graffiti writer in HK known as the ‘KING of KOWLOON’ who was painting script all city from the 1960s. Well XEME’s current style is a big nod to this legacy…..


Translation: ‘Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places’


Translation: ‘Hong Kong, Central- Keep Drinking, Keep Buying!!’



Translation: ‘Sexy Heels- Everybody Wants….’